It is every parent's desire to ensure that their children perform well in school so that they can pursuit a successful career later in life. Every child is different and there will always be some who learn at a much quicker pace than others. However, there are some leading factors that determine a child's academic achievements.

Home Environment:-

Home environment

The home environment is one very important factor. Parents    with   a positive parenting style are very effective in supporting their children's academic success. Children whose parents are described as warm, fair and always in control, tend to have a more positive outlook towards school. Children who are brought up in a positive family environment not only achieve academically but also display high moral values when compared to children from a non-adaptive family.Parents who spend time with their children, supervising their homework and even checking their school bags, reported that by showing interest in their children's school activities, the children are encouraged to excel in school. Finally, parents must have trust and confidence in their children's ability to be successful academically. By reinforcing positive perceptions towards their children will go a long way in helping them in their achievements.

School Environment:-

School Environment
The school environment is also an important determining factor. It should be such that students are naturally inspired to learn and to achieve academic success. By creating this kind of atmosphere where students learn to love learning and where it is expected, 
respected and rewarded, this will be a strong psychological feature  for success.A child's development, both physical and mental, is very much dependent on the child's diet. Mothers who prepare meals for their children choose healthy and nutritious food instead of junk food or ready-made food. In this regard, fish is highly favored as it is considered as "brain food".  Genes also play a part in influencing a child's development. If a family has a history of academic achievement, chances are the children will follow suit.

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