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Achievement is the performance in school or college on standardized series of educational tests.
According to the international encyclopedia of education (volume I, 1989);" Achievement is the situation typically pertaining to some standard of excellence which will indicate the degree of competence."
"The successful reaching of a goal used particularly to refer to real life success and when evaluating a person's life." (Hayes, Nickey, Streleton Peter, 1991.)
"Something accomplished completed or won by exertion, some plan or action carried out with courage or unusual ability." (The world Book Dedicatory, 1987).
Achievement is of course the result of many factors. It is the product of motivation of the amount of energy that is thrown into the task and of the health possessed by the subject of his general, emotional, personal and social adjustment of the conditions of work of his back ground skills both with respect to the particular task at hand and more general skills at the hours to work and think.

Educational Achievement:-

The educational achievement of pupils should be considered under two main headings.
  • Academic Achievement (for example examination results and skill in the reading, writing and Mathematics.
  • Non-Academic Achievement (for example communicative competence using speech and sign, self-concept and identify, social participation).

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