Wednesday, 13 March 2013

School Environment:-


A School is a society in its miniature form. A visit to some school gives reflections of the society from where the children come to the school.The school is set up by the society for its own betterment. Just opening a school will not be enough. Making the school function properly through its proper growth and development should be the ultimate aim of the organisors. Only then the real aims of establishing the schools will be achieved.
Elsebree is right when he says "Organisation of a school is the administrative expression of educational theory".
The better the school , the better would be the society.
School environment

What is a School ?

Some people will say that it is a place of learning. Some will say that it is a society in its miniature form. Some others will say that it is a temple where students sit together under some roof on the same floor or carpet or desks and learn from the same teacher irrespective of caste, colour. 

According to A.K.C Ottaway:-

"The school may be regarded social invention to serve society for specialized teaching of the young." 

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