Wednesday, 27 February 2013

School Achievement

(Meaning:-A Thing Done Successfully, Typically by Effort,Courage, or Skills)


As excellence in all school disciplines , in class as extra work , as well as extracurricular activities. It includes excellence in sporting ,   in exam , behavior , confidence , communication skills , punctuality , assetiviness , art, culture and etc.

What is the difference between kids that achieve academically in math and science and pursuit career in those fields and those that don't?
The difference is their academic preparation and exposure to the field during their K-12 educational experience. Many children that have an interest and the intellectual capacity to pursuit science, technology, engineering ,Arts Subjects and mathematics careers, don't do so because they aren't academically prepared to major in disciplines in School.

It is important to create as many outside of classroom learning experiences as we can for our children. The internet is a great educational tool for kids, there are many websites where you can find homework help, kids can play educational games, you can learn about current research in math and science and you can find experiments to conduct at home and school. Read More

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