Thursday, 21 March 2013

Managing Schools:-

School Timing, Assembly,Attendance:-

School Timing:

The term "school timing" mean the time from which the school starts till the time of school off/end it include the time of assembly and break sometime it also includes the prayer period. It consists of 5:30 hours in summer and 6:00 hours in winter normally.

1 Primary School:-

In primary school time period is generally 5 hours but if the school head feel that class one two are victim of boredom could leave them one hour before but this leave will not for staff. There could be two breaks.

Primary school chart

2 Elementary School:-

In elementary school time periods will 5:30 hours. Daily 8 periods and 5 periods on Friday are scheduled. It also includes assembly period break/recess.

3 Girls School:-

In our society it is necessary to somehow that timing of boys and girls school may differ. So the head of girls school have authority to close and start the 15 minute before or after according to social environment.

4 Annual Calendar:-

At the start of the academic year, the school management must plan a school calendar, they should have dates for vacations, examination and other major activities; art exhibition, sports day, prize distribution or whatever they have. The parents can plan ahead their activities based upon the school calendar the calendar brings us to an other important aspect working days of the children.

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