Thursday, 21 March 2013

Time Management Skills:-

By Using Time Management Skills:-

  • Determine which of the things are important, and which can be dropped.
  • Use time in the most effective way possible.
  • Increase the time in which can work.
  • Control the distractions that waste time and break flow.
  • Increase effectiveness and reduce stress.
  • By becoming more effective in use of working time.

Best Time Management:-

  • Establish a regular reading programmed.
  • Create a daily action plan.
  • Prioritize list of things to do.

Definition of Time table:-

  • "Time table is the map in which the teachers of school are shown the division of proper times of curricular and extra curricular action and activities."
  • "Time table is a regular and strong method which helps to keep balance of teaching work and teaching times for different teachers."
  • "Time table is the spark plug of school which sets into motion its various activities and programs."

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