Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Ethical Aspects:-


Every organization/institute has their own code of ethics along with their other rules and regulations.These codes of ethics should be studied and follow by every member of the organization. Like all other important profession, teaching profession has its own professional ethics.These ethics guide the teacher's conduct and behavior in their institutions and outside.
"The basic values and conceptions of good practice that constitutes guide-line for professional conduct is called professional ethics."

Ethical code for Teacher

Definition of Profession:-


"The trade, service or bushiness which an individual adopts for earning according to his own choice is called profession."

Definition of Teaching Profession:-

Teaching Profession
"The profession which developed educate the individual for a useful member of society and for progressive attitude is called profession."

Commitment to Profession:-

 Profession is the unit of society.Human being, society and profession are very essential to each other. Whatever the profession would be, it requires commitment. Commitment means "type of promise that a person makes to a person or profession" is the only thing that makes a profession perfect. Commitment shows how much someone is sincere to his professional. Here we are discussing commitment to profession with special reference to teaching.

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