Saturday, 16 March 2013

School Plant Management:-

5.Staff Room:-

Staff room
The Staff room in the school building should be at such place where is least disturbance of the classes. It should be spacious enough to accommodate the whole teaching staff of the school .

6.Science Laboratories:-

The school building should have a separate wing where science laboratory or laboratories can be got constructed. Usually there is one science laboratory in a school. Impossible there should be separate science laboratories namely Physics laboratory, Chemistry laboratory, Botany laboratory, Zoology laboratory etc. The Chemistry laboratory should be on one side so that filthy smell coming out as result of experiments being conducted in this laboratory does not spoil the air of the whole campus.
Science laboratory

7.Drawing Room:-

Drawing is one of the most useful subjects that helps in the development of children's senses. It makes the students interested in doing work. The school building should have a separate room for this subjects as it requires special type of seating arrangements.
School drawing room

8.The School Canteen:-

The school building should have a canteen within the campus. It should have at least two service rooms apart from the preparation room and the store. One of the service rooms should be for the students, the other for the staff. They should be well furnished with one wash-basin fixed in each of the rooms.
School Canteen

9.The Hall:-

The school should have one big hall where assembly of the whole school may be possible. The same hall can be used for conducting examinations. Functions of the school can be organized in this hall. A big hall is a must for every school because it is the basic requirements of the school. It also adds to the prestige of the school.
School Hall

10.Cycle Shed:-

The school should have good arrangements for keeping the bi-cycles. Without a cycles shed, it will not be possible to put the bi-cycle in a systematic manner. So making provision of a cycle shed is essential for the school.
School cycle shed

11.Lawns and Gardens:-

Buildings with  bricks is not the whole campus. Plantation of trees, developing grassy lawns, a small garden with variety of flowers etc are also essential.They give a better look to the school building. The small garden will make the school campus look doubly beautiful.
School lawns and gardens

12.The Play Grounds:-

The school campus without play grounds does not stem to be complete. Play grounds are needed for all types of physical exercises. Speaking about the importance of play grounds, Welingtoii said 
"Waterloo was won on the playing fields of Eton.."
Proper growth and development of the personality of the child is the chief aim of every educational institution. The school can encourage the students for participation in games only if it has adequate play grounds. The participation in games should be made compulsory for the students.

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