Wednesday, 20 March 2013

School Time Management:-

School Timetable:-

Every school has its own priorities and demands, the time table is molded accordingly, Some prefer 45 minutes periods while others may want one hour per subject. In senior classes sometimes, a subject teacher demands double period or consecutive periods. Again there is no hard and fast rule, each school may experiment and decide upon the duration according to its own priority; the important point is to use the time effectively,any period should not be too long for the children to get bored and distracted, nor too short for them to feel left out. If the junior class teachers have to abide with the timings/periods of the senior classes ,they must be prepared to utilize any free time on hand with supplementary activities. 
Timetable Chart

Definition of Time Management:-

  • "A Time management is a set of related common-sense skills that help to use time in the most effective and productive way as possible."
  • "Time Management skills are abilities to recognize and solve personal time management problems. The goal of time management is to show what can do to improve those skills."
  • "With good time management skills in control of time life , stress and energy levels. You Make progress at work. They able to maintain balance between work, personal, and family lives. Enough flexibility to respond to surprises or new opportunities."
  • "Time management is actually self management. It's interesting that the skills we need to manage others are the same skills we need to manage ourselves: the ability to plan, delegate, organize, direct and control."

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