Friday, 15 March 2013

School Plant Management:-

1-Meaning Of School Plant:-

The Term 'school plant' carries a wide meaning. It includes, the school building, play-ground, furniture, classroom, library, hostel, apparatus, and equipment, school offices, black-board, school record etc.

School Plant
Its material conditions should be conductive for the all-round development of the student-physical, emotional, social, cultural, aesthetic and moral.Good learning environment should be created by the school plant. It is the most important factor in the whole educational process.
School environment involves human resources and students material resources.

School Plants Components  and Their maintenance:-

A find building makes a fine school and poor building one. The following are the components of a school.

1.Headmaster's Office:-

Headmaster office

It should be at some prominent place where the Headmaster's presence may be felt strongly. The visitors may not find any problem in meeting him.By having his office at such a place, the Headmaster is able to maintain discipline of the school.
2.Visitor's Room:-
Visitors room

Every institution should have a well furnished visitors's room. Anybody coming to the school who intends meeting the Headmaster can at once be seated there comfortably.
3.The School Office:-
School office

The school office should be as near to Headmaster's office as possible. The office staff, the clerk, the steno, the head clerk are the persons who are concerned with the Headmaster at every moment.
4.Class Room:-
Class room

The class-rooms in the school can be of varied types. Mostly the rectangular types suit well. Some of the school do have classrooms of semi circular shape. They are also equally good.
The furniture in the class-rooms should be the type which is comfortable for students. Dual desks may be fixed in the room.
Class room furniture

The class-room should have cup-boards and almond which should be in accordance with the needs and requirements of that room.The black/white-board is a necessary equipment for every class-room. It should be fixed up at the place where there is no reflection of light. It should be well taken care of that black/white-board writing is clearly visible to all the students sitting in the class.It should not be placed in the windows.

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