Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Ethical Codes for the Teacher:-

Psychology of Learning:-

Teaching process is effective when it is based on the psychology of learning, the learner is the center of the educational process. So the teacher should be aware to the psychology of learning.
psychology learning

Different Patterns of Growth and Development:-

The teacher should understand the different growth patterns and developmental characteristics of each leaner and their effect upon his behavior. The teacher should be conscious of the fact that each pupil is the product of his own particular heredity and environment so they respond in different ways to the same stimulus.
Different patterns of growth and development

Mental and Physical Growth:-

The teachers must keep in mind that there is class relationship or high co-relations between mental and physical growth as measured on the basis of chronological age. Growth is continuous in all areas of mental and physical activities. This fact should  be consider in selecting and organizing educational activities and projects. 

mental and physical growth

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