Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Ethical Code For The Teachers:-

Ethical Code:-

The future of Pakistan depends upon the teachers and students. It is the teacher whose personality has to give a molding to the children in the schools. The whole education of the child depends upon the quality, the competence, the devotion and the character of teachers. The teachers need be trained for ethical values and ideals. Every teacher is expected to do service to others. The authorities responsible for the job of the teachers should prepare code of ethics for the teachers.
Future of Pakistan depends upon teachers

A Specimen of an Oath for the Teachers:-

I.........swear in the name of God that I shall have true faith and regard for my profession and I shall discharge my duties with honesty and sincerity to the best of my ability. I shall follow the code of ethics given below:

1 Guidance for the students:

Guidance for students
The teacher should not take students as a passive recipient but as an active thinking feeling human being who nee to be stimulated, directed and guidance towards his destination.

2 Knowledge of Student's Psychology:

Teacher should aware about the needs, interests and individual differences of students because the knowledge of students habits, qualities and psychology is the part of teacher's commitment to his profession. 
knowledge of students psychology

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